Discrete & Private Concierge Addiction, Behavioral, Medical & Wellness Services

Executive Concierge Program

Our individualized concierge program is designed for the professional who is searching for the highest quality health care provided within their home environment. The Executive Concierge Program provided by The Beach House, is completely individualized around the professional’s responsibilities, needs and wants. We specialize within Medical, Psychological, and Addiction/Intervention services.

About Us

We offer the highest grade of professional, discrete and private in home clinical and medical care. Our globalized linkage of resources insures seamless transition through levels of assessment, treatment and recovery for every professional. We customize treatment solutions that address our patients’ underlying diagnosis to promote overall wellness in the mind, body, social environment and spirit.  
Our Longitudinal/Long-Term Care Plans are designed to accommodate any schedule, location or lifestyle of each professional we treat. Each professional works with an Interdisciplinary team comprised of the top industry providers and receives an integrated multidimensional treatment plan.

Our world class team of specialized industry leaders are experienced,
cross-functional professionals that personally oversee the entire process from the initial engagement to completion of services. Our utmost priority is our patient’s wellbeing and promoting their best quality of life.

The Most Comprehensive & Exclusive Addiction,
Behavioral Health, Holistic & Medical Care Service Network
(310) 924-0954

Services Provided

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Medical Intervention, Continued Follow-up and Aftercare
  • Treatment of Intensive Medical Issues
  • Pediatric, Adolescent & Adult Primary Care 
  • Pain & Medication Management
  • Mental Illness Diagnostic Assessment & Care Recommendation
  • Addiction Assessment & Care Recommendation
  • Addiction Intervention & Treatment Plan Recommendations
  • Addiction Treatment, After Care &Extended After Care Model
  • Medical Detox & Naturopathic Detoxification
  • Nutritional Assessment & Guidance
  • Alternative Holistic Treatments
  • Neuro-Psychiatric Testing and Diagnostic Clarification
  • Family Programs & Services
  • Personal/Family Crisis
  • Sober Companionship
  • Personal Development/Life Purpose Exploration/Coaching
  • Long Term Case Management & Monitoring Services
  • Clinical Therapeutic Services
  • • Harmful Compulsive Behaviors: Eating Disorders, Compulsive Overeating, Sexual Acting Out, Love Avoidance-Love Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Self-Harm
  • Legal and Professional Regulatory Reporting
  • Social Re-Integration/Social Supports/Networking

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